jonny-getzCamera Man - Private Paparazzi, Freelance Photography & Videographer.

You need a photographer who totally lives for taking great photos and videos.

That's me.

Cameras have been a way of life for me since I was first allowed to use Dad's prized 'don't touch' 35mm Yashica SLR and shot my first 24 roll.

I was thrilled to see exactly what the camera saw. Since then a day hasn't gone by without me seeing part of it through my viewfinder.

Today's cameras are a far cry from the old Yashica, but I kept up with the latest developments and took to video early in the piece.

Nowadays, whether in my studio or on location, I always seek to add extra personality to every shot I take, pushing the boundaries and delighting my clients. I follow the brief but always seek to add that special 'something extra'.

I have worked in commercial productions, corporate and social events, products, fashion, glamour, sport, as your private paparazzi and much more.

No matter how serious the assignment, my work becomes my playground. So let's talk about your next project and see how much I can offer

As a freelance stills and video cameraman for over ten years, there's no limit to what services I can offer in the studio or on location, here and overseas.

Whether you need beautifully staged, high quality product, promotional, PR shots, formal portraits, candid pics, paparazzi-style photos, promotional videos, sporting events, social events, web clips/adz, short films or pilots for TV I can take care of it all for you.

As you'd expect I can arrange all the specialised support services like hair styling, makeup, wardrobe, lighting, sound and set design (plus set construction) — everything it takes to get you the right results.

Over the past ten years I have formed close working relationships with some of the best producers, directors, sound and lighting engineers, writers and post production crew and team members in the Australian film and television industry.

You'll find my charges competitive and open to negotiation for large projects.

Hourly rate is $150 plus GST, travel, accommodation and hire of any specialised camera or lighting equipment required.

Your recorded content is delivered on time, on budget on CD, DVD or mass storage unit.

No job is too big or too small: I deliver professional content that meets your needs, timings and budget.

Best Regards